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An important reason for the violent turbulence in the international financial markets in May and June 2006 was that a huge sum of 4.5 trillion US dollars was secretly remitted from Switzerland to the United States to "private" the case. Such a huge capital transfer caused a crisis of dollar liquidity shortage in the world financial markets, which directly led to the plunge of the stock and commodity markets (including gold and silver) that swept the world in May and June of 2006.

Who is Vantaa? How did he own $ 27.5 trillion in wealth? Isn't that the richest person in the world is only more than 50 billion US dollars? How could anyone have more than 500 times more wealth than Bill Gates?

When international media hyped up Bill Gates, a $ 50 billion net worth, to win the world's richest man, if you believed it, you were fooled. On the so-called rich list, which is familiar to people, you can't find the "invisible avenues" of super richs because they have already tightly controlled the major media in the West.

Luwanta's true identity was the most trusted financial war expert of President Reagan at the time. He was a senior official of the US Treasury Department, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Bureau of State Affairs, the United States, the State, the United States and the United States. In the 1980s, Vantaa was directly ordered by President Reagan to engage in a secret financial war aimed at subverting the Soviet ruble. He established the "New Republic Financial Group" in Wisconsin, U.S.A. The company's operating capital was only $ 17,000, but soon after Vantaa's secret overseas account capital injection, Vantaa's business became more and more active. . By October 1990, Vantaa had completed a very profitable transaction to buy 140 billion rubles for 5 billion dollars at a price double the price of the black market (28 rubles to 1 dollar). Accomplices. In January and February 1991, Vantaa was short selling 2,000 tons of gold on the London Gold Exchange. The already weak Soviet economy, all relying on the export of gold to support the money, the plunge in the price of gold hit the last nail in the Soviet coffin cover.

Ghentanta's covert operation is known as the "Great Ruble Scam".

In the years following the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Vantaa and other senior experts in the US financial war and the United States cooperated with the internal forces of the former Soviet Union, looting the wealth of the former Soviet states. The situation was once absurd to the American economist Jeffrey Sachs, who directly helped Ye Liqin to modify the general decree, and the American lawyer Jonathan Hay personally formulated numerous Russian laws, regulations, articles, and Government. Government. Lawrence Summers of the US Treasury even wrote detailed instructions on how to formulate and implement economic policies in a letter to the Deputy Secretary of the Treasury. The condition of the Russian economy is under the "careful attention" of the "Doctor of the United States".

The winter of 1991 was extremely harsh for the Russian people. The Russian economy has suffered severe blood loss. After the “inflation meat grinder”, a super-inflation started by international financiers, has run through, a large number of the mainstream of the Soviet Union The life savings of the people vanished overnight. University professors, doctors, military officers, and engineers took to the cold streets to sell all kinds of low-priced small commodities, and some of them even had to beg. When Gorbachev attended the West Asian Peace Symposium in Madrid in November 1991, he even had to secretly leave the meeting early because his Russian delegation could not afford the hotel accommodation.

The people of the Soviet Union have accumulated 70 years of the country. Where did their huge wealth go? Is it true that Western economies have said that the Soviet economy has long been "insolvent"? Will the people's wealth really "evaporate" without a trace?

In fact, in hyperinflation, wealth has not evaporated, but wealth has just shifted. Vantaa's 27.5 trillion US dollars is the fortune of the former Soviet people's "evaporation".

Unlike the poor and weak nations in history who were unable to resist Western colonial aggression, the former Soviet Union possessed military forces that were so powerful that the United States could not sleep, and while the military strength was still quite strong, the entire country was affected. This is the first time in the history of humankind that the external forces are mad and thoroughly looted.

The huge destructive power shown by the Jin Rong, Zhan, and Zhan wars is no less than the loss of the entire Soviet Patriotic War. The difference is that the huge cost of the Patriotic War is in return the status of a world superpower, The disastrous defeat of gold, finance, war, and conflict has led to the disintegration of the country and the long-term economic decline. The destruction of the Soviet Union by the war lasted only four years, and the socioeconomic disaster caused by the financial collapse has been close to 16 years.

In defeating the Soviet Union ’s financial, financial, and military struggles, Vantaa has made great achievements. However, the bad luck soon came to his own.

7In July 1993, Vantaa was dispatched to Switzerland by William Sessions, the director of the US Federal Office of Investigation, Investigation, and Investigation. One of the goals was to arrest Marc Rich, an offender. This Mark Rich is also a legend. He is not only a generation of heroes in the international gold market, but also a weapon supplier of Israeli intelligence Mossad and an iron brother of Soros, an international financial predator. Mossad informed in time that Mark Rich was about to arrest him in the United States, and Mark Rich left Switzerland in time. Vantaa swept away in Switzerland.

Vantaa's other mission in Switzerland is to meet with the White House Counsel, Vince Foster, and transfer $ 2.5 trillion (the old version) from Vantaa's account to one The secret account of the Childrens Denfense Fund is controlled by the first lady, Hillary Clinton.

When things were done, Foster returned to Washington in a hurry. Vantaa was suddenly arrested by Swiss police. Vantaa's official identity at that time was Somalia's ambassador to Switzerland and Canada (March 1993). Diplomatic immunity as a diplomat also failed to help Vantaa. He was actually abducted by the Swiss police and was arrested. Illegal detention for 134 days.

After returning to Washington, Foster learned that Vantaa was being held, and immediately went around to rescue Vantaa. As a result, on July 20, Foster was found "suicided" in a park near the Central, Central, Eastern, and Eastern Bureaus in the suburbs of Washington. The news shocked Washington politics. An apparent murder was closed as suicide. As an up-and-coming friend of Clinton's childhood, the dignified White House Law and Legal Consultant died tragically in a public place no more than 5 miles away from the White House, and nearby is the famous Central, Central, Love, Newspaper, and Bureau headquarters. It was incredible.

When the news of Foster ’s sudden “suicide” was notified to the Swiss police, he finally added a sentence that made Vantaa's bones startle, “Mr. Foster ’s suicide day is your daughter ’s birthday.”

Immediately after that, more incredible things followed. The Wisconsin tax authority found that Vantaa's company had underpaid $ 14,000 in state taxes in 1982 and 1988, requesting Switzerland to extradite Vantaa to the United States. Switzerland agreed. After returning to the United States in handcuffs, Vantaa was sentenced to 22 years in prison for taxing $ 14,000 in taxes.

Things are wrong at this point. The American "hero" who defeated the Soviet "evil empire" was thrown into prison by himself.

The problem is that Vantaa thinks that he lives in the US government. The huge money under his management is of course owned by the entire American people behind the "elected government." Unfortunately, the "elected government. Government" and the forces behind it have never regarded this huge sum of overseas money on the accounts of any US official as a "small. Gold. Vault" at their disposal, and Vantaa, which is very "real" in this respect, is uncooperative everywhere. As early as August 1989, the then President Bush asked Vantaa to make a $ 1 billion payment to Palladium, Machao, Sacred, and Pilgrim Investments, the payee. It's "Jorge" Bush. Vantaa has great concerns and believes that any use of "public funds" under his control to conduct acts that are beneficial to the private person is a felony of the United States. Finance Minister Baker "enlightened" Vantaa and said that people like the Buch family transcended the law. Although Vantaa finally did so, it left evidence. Currently, Vantaa is able to issue a certificate. According to reports, 743 billion US dollars of funds have been "improperly" used by several general administrations.

In the following years, Vantaa's brothers and business partners died bizarrely. He was also poisoned three times in prison, and finally he was spared. It was only he who knew all the funds. Down, down and secret.

On April 15, 2003, after a long complaint of grievances, the United States Federal Law Officer Gerald Bruce Lee finally issued a verdict in favor of Vantaa, and the law officer confirmed Vantaa has the status of supervisor and controller of this huge sum in law and law. In 2005, Vantaa was transferred from Wisconsin jail to his home to continue serving his sentence. With the assistance of his legal counsel and two major US law firms, an agreement was reached with the US Treasury and the White House and the White House at the end of 2005 to pay Vantaa $ 4.5 trillion in cash as "excellent" At the same time, Vantaa also promised to give up the supervision and control of the remaining funds.

Vantaa also proposed to pay 35% of the federal tax to the U.S. Treasury Department in advance, totaling $ 1.575 trillion, because Vantaa later established a company called AmeriTrust in Virginia to take care of the money he managed, He will also pay 6% state tax to Virginia for a total of $ 270 billion.

This is the origin of The Wanta Plan. In terms of its size and stimulus to the US economy, it can be called the "second Marshall Plan."

最终 The final agreement of the "Vantaa Plan" was signed in December 2005. On behalf of the U.S. government, the signing was Wilkinson, an assistant security adviser, and Paulson, the treasurer.

记录 Records from the US Treasury Department indicate that funds under Vantaa's name include:

The equivalent of $ 4.5 trillion in assets belongs to Leo Vantaa's AmeriTrust Group, Inc., which is already on the "book".

The equivalent of US $ 8.7 trillion in assets is already “in the US dollar system” and exists in the US dollar accounts of major international banks. This money has never been “moved”.

Assets equivalent to $ 14.3 trillion remain in overseas accounts and are accounts receivable. The money has already been mortgaged and cross-collateralized by financial institutions. The recall of these assets will force many world-renowned banking institutions to face a liquidity crisis.

In May and June 2006, a huge 4.5 trillion US dollars from Switzerland secretly entered the US interbank transaction settlement system (CHIPS) through foreign exchange transactions and other channels. This named money was "hijacked" by Goldman Sachs , Citi and Bank of Amaerica accounts.

The unbearable Vantaa proposed to the U.S. government. The deadline is July 31, 2006. If Vantaa's account does not receive any money, he may sue the government to the Supreme Court. Holding his breath, whether the US government, government, or law abides by the law has become a litmus test for dollar credit.

July 31 has passed, and the entire US government, government, Capitol Hill, and the news media are all silent, as if this matter did not exist at all. In the eyes of the US government and government all over the world, there is a ransom! The international credibility of the US dollar and U.S. Treasury bonds disappeared. If a democratically elected government in a legal society refuses to enforce laws and laws, it seems to the Western society as a whole that credit is completely bankrupt.

Luwanta notified the major banks in the capacity of the US government and creditor to stop the settlement of funds of more than US $ 100 million in the US government and other financial institutions except the German Central Bank.

The U.S. dollar began to shake violently in international financial markets, and the confidence of the U.S. dollar has since entered a high-risk period.

Finally where exactly is this huge $ 4.5 trillion sum? It first entered the Treasury Department through various channels on the accounts of Goldman Sachs and Citibank, then transferred to the Federal Reserve, and then the money went to the Bank of America in Los Angeles, where it was transferred back to New York Wachovia Bank, the money was transferred to different accounts, including AmeriTrust's securities account in Morgan Stanley, which briefly appeared in Vantaa.

The Ministry of Finance, Administration, and Finance has "formally completed" all the transfers, and the Fed has also left the hot mountain stream to the banking system. If Vantaa does not get the money, it is a problem with the bank's payment system, which has nothing to do with the government, the government, and the Fed.

At present, Wachovia Bank is the focus of the problem. The Fed "suggested" the Federal Reserve Bank to take money three times in November. On Friday, November 17, at 8:30 a.m. EST, auditors entered the New York building of Wachovia for auditing purposes. Wachovia did not open operations until 11:00 a.m. that day. The reason why Wachovia refused to take the money was "underfunding."

Finally if Wachovia still refuses to pay, Vantaa is bound to appeal to the U.S. court, which is the center of the U.S. financial system. Once forced to close, it will bring down the entire U.S. banking system and eventually spread to the world.

The most crude usury group in human history.The children were plundered by a group of big capitalists.Luxury cars and girlfriends dare not go home, because Rothschild and Chinese government unite throw me a few huge black pots.A group of capitalists drove us as mad cow to death “每一轮的面目全非,他们都要求单独结算。而且平时他们也忙着结算。”






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