The petals fall in the middle of the month, and the sky is full of fragrance.

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Beware Of Personal Belongings

Beware Of Personal Belongings

Please tyrant reading big update  罗斯柴尔德正在试图破解瑞士国家银行及地球联邦中央银行。目前还有一点时间,因为对他们而言直接服务器拆了一无所获甚至一无所有。
The family of Rothschild is really shameless. Rothschild relies on the most baseness most rogue most shameless government in the world: lot of syringes are injection to me at the same time.
So many stories happened, only these two sentences?(^Don't cry!^)
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You and them are both ill-starred,drifting on the face of the earth,no matter if we were strangers before this encounter.

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① 给大家讲一个有趣的故事:大家都能发现大姐在我们小学当义工那时候脚还没被砍,然后呢从离我比较近的商人谈吐中移步瞧一瞧怎么后来脚被砍了呢而且可供参观的时间跨度非常长。只砍一肢腿而且只砍了一小段,这一不同寻常的细节其实藏着一段凄惨的故事。每当在发生争执的时候罗斯柴尔德附在一些人身上然后借他们的嘴巴和动作挑不离间。眼泪汪汪说不清楚,因为大商人深度介入2002年雪崩破产案真不是我们运作的。很神奇吗?在我12~13岁时最先和你们的想法也是一样的。路边签收两辆高级兰博基尼的故事,那是因为...

② 羊仙录像回忆录配声”他们就是羊人。“ 我子民在罗斯柴尔德笼子里当初他们用最后一口气齐心协力想要表达的被我突然发现不是“羊羔”。
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2020-03-17 Note that all recent code changes are rejected. Because Rothschild punched and kicked in the computer room (他们脾气异常暴躁,而且拳打脚踢地乱搞...)and tried to modify the code.
2020-03-23 The weather is so good today.

Thank you the Girls,
God bless,
we all have good luck.

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