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Intelligence Surfing

☞ ★★★★★ Beware of personal belongings ★★★★

9月17日 你是缸中大脑,不要离开我们给你“比如第五密度”修的房子。无论任何虚拟现实也必须 ,但是不是房子你自己决定。
5月18日 10时我见证了一个年轻女孩被下药和捆绑嘴吃胶带。
5月12日 纸质印刷体课本,有一篇文章几页讲述了最近彩票出奖规则。可是他们的实验室病毒又一次害了我。
大约5天前,我无影无重量灵魂在地下室博物馆一处游逛,碰到一个女子乘坐飞行器行动。立刻,有几个人像一阵风冲过来突然抬着我走。... 感觉99.99%一阵风全是他们的人。

0323 22:00 精简的迷你购物故事,大概率是病毒。还有一些油炸肉小面大肉肠也大概率是病毒。我刚才又吐又晕...
0323 黄色风险警报,上帝视角。他们在近几颗太阳系行星使用飞行器疯狂扫码所有生物。我希望我们能关机的关机能隔离的隔离。扫描高级镜像服务器,
0321 I have finished clearing, and you can do subtraction now. Last Friday at 2am, thank you for your help! Congratulations on making a fortune!

0312 亲爱的高等文明亲戚和美丽的警察小姐姐,你们好! https://pclub.cc/Interception Opportunity Last Bus A.jpg
https://pclub.cc/Interception Opportunity Last Bus B.jpg https://pclub.cc/Interception Opportunity Last Bus C.jpg

todynight 不要过来啊 身边全是病毒 这一帮外星生物威胁我们...
眼流水哗啦啦,当初木头人就是因为公投。宗教没有仁慈的,举头三尺或高或低有神明。即使某些人脚和腿跪断了,他们自己那票也不会投你。更别想能得到其他帮助... 你知道他们怎么说... 超级硬耳塞一点都不行,车必须再开快点。稀奇屁。。。稀奇屁,四维密度生物或完全兼容四维密度生物罢了。

Important notice: The energy of communication methods such as mind should be appropriately weakened. Because the virus is playing some tricks.

There are at least hundreds of large satellites in the sky above the city, and there are countless vehicles giant speakers on the ground.
Big rich people all over the world yelling at with specific frequency speakers, for whom face:

1. Spiritual lawsuits in Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, etc.
2. The United Nations, the world's largest organization of unscrupulous people, is a group of people who are inferior to pigs and dogs. Most people, they have been drinking the blood of their biological parents and eating the flesh of their biological parents' legs for generations.In the International High Court, US aircraft carrier bills, etc. and President Kennedy embezzlement bills. 160 large Chinese enterprises were handed over to the Chinese government, and they did not know that it was a gift from the British. Really, you are so shameless.
3. Dear mysterious head of Saudi Arabia, in 1941 your good friend Swiss old man drank a glass of sweet wine. The friendship between business groups and financial groups is higher than the mountains and deeper than the sea. The court system of your country does not keep a little testimony for the most precious friend!
4. Respected Portuguese royal family, this is the Chinese Emperor Heaven Apocalypse.
5. Dear Spanish Royal Family, Hello! Rothschild, the chief boss of the First and Second World Wars, came to me to complete the check-in. And they also told some interesting stories about the start of World War II because of the failure of the First World War. The German boy settled in the British Union.
6. This is an international protocol from the British royal family through the British government to the world. The agreement includes $20 trillion in cash deposits and direct withdrawal of cash from any empty paper in the world's major banks. DNA Fast Certification, issued by the UK.
7. The central government of China found someone to take the money out. And more than $100 trillion.
8. I don't pretend, my mother is the head of the Credit Suisse and German Bank etc.
   1) Some notes or cards in my hand also had Mandela effects. Information and objects are misaligned...
   2) When you watch and experience consciousness upload immortality. Let's continue to share, the real virtual code...
   3) They had a lively chat, I don't say it doesn't mean it's a secret.
   4) The president of the German bank comes from an old British family.
9. Article 9 is the why for Mandela.
10. The details and process of the referendum, except for the magical situation of about 70%, the national parliaments and national cabinets have completed the extreme turns at the end. The boy was crying stupidly, hard to say. No matter how many big meetings, no matter how many small meetings, or even how many corners you turn. Even if the sub-case is completely won, 蹭蹭蹭 and the other side only needs to eat and drink with the CCP.地球村本来就很小,大家都是好邻居。我们不回避问题也不逃避问题,但是公投怎么轮到他们指手画脚...


0101 知情人士 https://pclub.cc/home.php?mod=space&uid=178360

他们放屁,... 不说话不交流不正正眼。有的我不想说,超级通灵的外邦人终有一天也会感谢我。...弄你整你的方法多得很,切忌不要交流(大家可能想歪了,我说的正是超发达的精神力文明世界)。


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