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electric bicycle manufacture

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Dear everyone,
Our factory is a manufacturer of lithium-ion electric bicycles and bicycles integrating R&D, production. These bikes are crafted to enhance the experience of both city commuters and outdoor enthusiasts.

Our Latest Electric Bicycle Models:

1. The 20-inch Fat Tire Folding Electric Bicycle:
Ideal for city commuting, this model blends compact design with robust performance. Key features include:

Motor and Power: Comes with a 500W motor, providing sufficient thrust for steep and fast rides.
Battery and Range: A 48V 13Ah battery allows up to 50 km travel on a single charge, suitable for daily use and extended city tours.
Design and Usability: Features a folding mechanism for easy storage, with 20-inch fat tires that enhance stability and traction across various surfaces.
Additional Features: Includes an integrated braking system and enhanced lighting for visibility and safety.
This adults electric bicycle using 20 x 4.0'' fat tires, which can meet all kinds of riding terrain. Upgrade SHIMANO 7 speed, the speed can reach to 28 MPH.

If you are interested in purchasing container load of our ebikes the FOB price can be provided to you.
Please kindly let us know your destination port.
20ft container loads 95 pcs
40ft container loads 200 pcs
40ft HQ loads 250 pcs

If you are requesting sample for this E-bike. We can ship from our warehouses in USA, Germany and UK.
Price depends on where the address we ship to, please confirm.

Smart cruise control, hold speed in electric mode for 8 seconds to activate cruise control.
This mountain ebike equipped with high quality LCD display, it provides accurate power, speed and travel distance.
The bright headlight and brake rear light make you see and be seen at night to keep you safe.
This city commuter electric bike is styled in 6061 aluminum alloy frame, the handlebar and the seat height can be adjusted for a great riding experience.
Foldable designed is convenient for you to pick up in your car. Damson electric mountain bike equips with 20×4.0 inch fat tire fits for urban, travel, snow road, sand road and off-road environments.
This  mountain folding electric bicycle comes 95% pre-assembled, is easy to be assembled by yourself. One year warranty on electric motor, battery.

2. The 26-inch Mountain Electric Bicycle:
Designed for off-road adventures and efficient urban travel, this model offers:

Motor and Power: Equipped with a 350W motor, it strikes a balance between power and efficiency across diverse terrains.
Battery and Range: A 36V 13Ah battery provides up to 50 km range, supporting your adventurous needs without power concerns.
Design and Features: Features 26-inch wheels with superior suspension for comfort and control on rugged paths.
Safety and Convenience: Equipped with shock absorbers and responsive disc brakes for safety across varied landscapes.  

Let us know if you have any questions.

Jeff Garrison
The Electric Bicycle Manufacture






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