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Intelligence Surfing

Intelligence Surfing

☞ ★★★★★ Beware of personal belongings ★★★★★

Important notice: The energy of communication methods such as mind should be appropriately weakened. Because the virus is playing some tricks.
1203 心灵感应各式电脑语音等通讯方式需要适当减弱。因为病毒正在上演一些骗局...比如,学校和上学路上我不想围观。而且,实际上。切忌,病毒不要翻船。

There are at least hundreds of large satellites in the sky above the city, and there are countless vehicles giant speakers on the ground.
Big rich people all over the world yelling at with specific frequency speakers, for whom face:

1. Spiritual lawsuits in Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, etc.
2. The United Nations, the world's largest organization of unscrupulous people, is a group of people who are inferior to pigs and dogs. Most people, they have been drinking the blood of their biological parents and eating the flesh of their biological parents' legs for generations.In the International High Court, US aircraft carrier bills, etc. and President Kennedy embezzlement bills. 160 large Chinese enterprises were handed over to the Chinese government, and they did not know that it was a gift from the British. Really, you are so shameless.
3. Dear mysterious head of Saudi Arabia, in 1941 your good friend Swiss old man drank a glass of sweet wine. The friendship between business groups and financial groups is higher than the mountains and deeper than the sea. The court system of your country does not keep a little testimony for the most precious friend!
4. Respected Portuguese royal family, this is the Chinese Emperor Heaven Apocalypse.
5. Dear Spanish Royal Family, Hello! Rothschild, the chief boss of the First and Second World Wars, came to me to complete the check-in. And they also told some interesting stories about the start of World War II because of the failure of the First World War. The German boy settled in the British Union.
6. This is an international protocol from the British royal family through the British government to the world. The agreement includes $20 trillion in cash deposits and direct withdrawal of cash from any empty paper in the world's major banks. DNA Fast Certification, issued by the UK.
7. The central government of China found someone to take the money out. And more than $100 trillion.
8. I don't pretend, my mother is the head of the Credit Suisse and German Bank etc.
   1) The unity of the Chinese people will not change.
   2) They had a lively chat, I don't say it doesn't mean it's a secret.
   3) The president of the German bank comes from an old British family.
10. Swear words, like investing $5 trillion for the first time. Another example is the support of 450 to 500 billion pounds for young mistresses. you should have said... What a foolish thing to submit to UN councils and national cabinets for discussion.
The details and process of the referendum, except for the magical situation of about 70%, the national parliaments and national cabinets have completed the extreme turns at the end. The boy was crying stupidly, hard to say. 地球村本来就很小,大家都是好邻居。我们不回避问题也不逃避问题,但是公投怎么轮到他们指手画脚... (所列比如,皆旷世经典)\
许许多多议员会到房间来使用他们那卑贱手闭上我们的眼睛,还大嚷“*”是不是会帮你们哟。精致大竹子串成的移动藤椅...(举头三尺有神灵)...他们心灵想法太下贱了。傻子呆子猪头, 到了碗里拒签不可能有任何机会。拒签后,更大资本市场警察局重新审议资本活动。

他们放屁,... 不说话不交流不正正眼。有的我不想说,超级通灵的外邦人终有一天也会感谢我。病毒就死在他们话中,切忌不要交流。巴菲特秘密.mp4鄂州观音阁.mp4天启大爆炸.mp4扮猪吃老虎.mp4花样钓鱼.mp4中文常识.mp4竹子弓阵.mp4

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Let's go appreciate a personal homepage example.
Thank you the Yesterday Girls,
God bless,
we all have good luck.

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