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Intelligence Surfing (5)

☞ ★★★★★ Beware of personal belongings ★★★★★


0312 亲爱的高等文明亲戚和美丽的警察小姐姐,你们好! https://attachment.swats.net/Interception Opportunity Last Bus A.jpg
https://attachment.swats.net/Interception Opportunity Last Bus B.jpg https://attachment.swats.net/Interception Opportunity Last Bus C.jpg

一点微不足道的心灵感应,要群殴、要公决、还要讹诈。某些人祸从口出,不要怪我冷漠。 因为,不需要多少证据、不分好坏、肯定会赔。

1. Firstly, in laws such as the UK, Italy, Germany, Romania, etc., the property allocated to each of us by our parents is handled according to our individual thoughts, but the final interpretation rights belong to the lawyer. It's hard, like a businessman who is heavily in debt and on the verge of bankruptcy. If he had communicated anything to his children, he would have lost the child pension case.
2. The United Nations, the world's largest organization of unscrupulous people, is a group of people who are inferior to pigs and dogs. Most people, they have been drinking the blood of their biological parents and eating the flesh of their biological parents' legs for generations.
3. The IBM etc. uncle led his family to frequently visit the residences of members of parliament from various countries, rolling on the ground and crying, "The boss of World War II, Swiss bank with hundreds of trillions of dollars in fixed assets." So soon, the satellites above this city were more powerful than Area 51. More. Even, there are more parliamentarian groups and legal groups from various countries pestering me than there are flies in the toilet. Uncle IBM, "Your mother said that her part of the IBM company will be exchanged with me to send you home." Uncle IBM said again, "Can I send you home? "
4~6. Advanced telepathy, parliament and union unanimously deciding. If not at the table, then on the menu. Funny souls, we are in this together.
7. In the International High Court, US aircraft carrier bills, etc. and President Kennedy embezzlement bills. 160 large Chinese enterprises were handed over to the Chinese government, and they did not know that it was a gift from the British. Really, you are so shameless.
8. This is an international protocol from the British royal family through the British government to the world. The agreement includes $20 trillion in cash deposits and direct withdrawal of cash from any empty paper in the world's major banks. DNA Fast Certification, issued by the UK. The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China found someone to take out the money in advance. And more than $100 trillion.
9. I don't pretend, my mother is the head of the Credit Suisse and German Bank etc.
   1) Some notes or cards in my hand also had Mandela effects. Information and objects are misaligned...
   2) When you watch and experience consciousness upload immortality. Let's continue to share, the real virtual code...
   3) They had a lively chat, I don't say it doesn't mean it's a secret.
   4) The president of the German bank comes from an old British family.
10. My parents have already passed away, and they have smashed the bad computer that accompanied me. Consciousness upload, just like Amazon.
11. The global village is already small and everyone is a good neighbor. I don’t avoid conflict, nor do I avoid problem solving, but how could it be their turn to point fingers in the referendum...
12. 中国某知名网络公司,混杂分发了中国船舶、中国长虹和中国铁路等160余家企业资料。老板命令,他们分批次接弟弟回家。后来*强东、*斯克、张磊等卷款跑了。“万一,无论如何也得照顾弟弟一生一世”他们举手发了誓也点了头。就和1999年一样俄罗斯和法国节点等,“企业注册了不能注销”“破产保护讨论甚是激烈,有请联合国小丑出场表演...”“也不能清除注册信息”“风险关‘我们’屁事儿”。同样的瓜分我们的钱,联合国将部分财产过户给了张磊“这就是吃爹娘肉喝爹娘血的至高境界”。
展示之图片,1999年的故事。“我们投资后悔了,请把资金还我们。...”比田纳西州51区上空卫星数量还更多。无论在哪里,每次都是几十或上百颗卫星聚焦并喊话。资金好吞得很哟,即使大型内战并成就了废墟。 就比如,你的寿险拿到了本国最高高等法院登记而且还去了国外套得深。 是公证吗?不,大户铁山比公证流程复杂的多。将爸爸妈妈心肝脾肺肾统统卖了,是我的又能怎么!图片遗憾就是我在放踹打滚呢。甚至,心灵感应是容易执法的。最后,大家别看俄罗斯一个鸟不拉屎的国度。它铁山有权重的。


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